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Sandwich the bear with the hat

Sandwich the bear with the hat

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Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Sandvis teddy bear with hat:

The bread is greased with something fine. Put the washed cucumbers beforehand, form the hat From the peppers, the eyes from the olives, a happy mouth.

Custom cakes and edible ornaments in Dej

Oh, how good your poppies look!
I am very glad that you solved the comments problem and thank you for the prizes!

Is this the viorica sugar paste recipe?

Livia, Thank you very much!
Alice, yes this is and it is very elastic and white as snow I will take pictures with it later in the evening. I mentioned in the content of the post that it is from her and I thank her once again. Only I tried to combine it with chocolate as in that book. Of course there was no such recipe for sugar paste as the Americans have different ingredients but the chocolate one was the same. The link to viorica's recipe is this: http: // vioricacakes / 2011/03 / cum-fac-pasta-de-zahar.html
I still don't know how I could make me put e-books with cakes because they are very useful and I have a lot but they are pdf and I don't know how to put them on the blog.

For something so beautiful, you deserve some prizes that I offer you with pleasure. I am waiting for you to pick them up.
A quiet evening.

Very beautiful poppies. and roses. I've never heard of chocolate paste before!


We made the omelet with the leftovers from the polenta and a goodness came out. I think that the duck is also there somewhere with taste!

PS: what beautiful olicics you have! Break them healthy :)

Well, you broke my heart with your story! Good thing you had such a grandmother! I think she gave you strength through love!

grandmothers are the best. even when they are gone. and I envy you for those coconuts :)

You made the duck (as they say in our country, in Bihor) a culinary jewel! Incredibly good and good looking in beautiful haircuts. I don't know, however, that my grandmother added malai to it, she just made the omelet and called it duck. Okay, always add a few teeth of bacon or smoked bacon before pouring well-beaten eggs over it. Tomorrow morning I'll get you ready! Thanks! many kisses

Of course that's all.
I mean, the same Marie with the same hat. :)

Know that he loved me like the back of his head.
And she was awfully good.
I've never met anyone gentler than her.

You must envy me for the friend who sent them to me. :)

I can't wait for you to tell me what you thought.

Beautiful story about grandma. so grandparents we want to be in our turn :)

Beautiful story :)
My grandmother had a saying: who doesn't have old people, let's buy them
I've never made such an omelet. I'll try, thanks for the idea

what goodness in your super pots, have a good day

How good they look and how much I like these shapes.
A nice evening!

I wanted to write to you at the post with pudding, because I didn't read S.Jurcovan's books, but I didn't get it. But I read you, a source of inspiration, with traditional recipes but also with chic recipes, à la nouvelle kitchen.

I want the same thing.
I hope to succeed. :)

I'm glad if the recipe inspires you. :)

Good Sunday to you too :)

I like them too.
I actually love them. :)

You are an expensive one and as you can see, you also contribute to their realization. :)

Your grandmother is great! I think you loved her very much. I also had similar experiences with my maternal grandmother. that I didn't eat anything as good as when tudor, my boy, started to do it, but without malai. my grandmother didn't do it with malai either. they never came out to me. and it's something so simple. or was it a "childhood"?

Lie Lie Ciocarlie, if you knew what nostalgia you woke me up with your duckling. It reminds me of Buniritzi, the aunt who always greets me with & quotioi, tzucu your sun, plum! & Quot

I have to make your duck too, because it's too eye-catching!
I kiss you, and I wish you a beautiful Sunday! : *

I can't wait for you to tell me what you thought.

Have a nice week too. :)

Lia, the wonderful story about your grandmother. It means that there were two equally good beings on earth, because my grandmother was the same. They brought tears to my eyes when I read your story, I really, really miss it. Ratota looks like a simple and delicious dish. I'll try it too. Thanks for the recipe!

With pleasure.
I am happy when my recipes, especially those sent from grandparents, I like and move on.
Kiss you.

What's on your baby's mind?

Does your dear baby remember the teddy bear he played with yesterday? When he smiles at his uncle, does he do it because he recognizes him, or just like that, in what manner? Your little one has a great memory, with incredible potential. Help him develop it! In the first two years of life, the child uses his memory to a much greater extent than at other ages.

What the baby remembers is a conglomeration of basic lessons of behavior and development - the necessary steps that his body must take to stand up, to smile, to bargain, to walk or talk.

When Ionut was two days old, my father made an innocent remark: “Ionut looks as happy in the arms of Angelica (my best friend) as if they were in yours. Does it make a difference? ”I was sad. What do you mean, not to see the difference? Of course he knows, he recognizes me even if I'm away from him for a week!

However, a seed of doubt entered my soul, especially since, at a tea with my friends, I was advised not to worry so much, that Ionut will not remember anything from his first two years of life. .

The truth is always somewhere in the middle, there are thousands of articles that describe the miraculous process that takes place in the mind of a child in his first years of life. Psychologist Virgil Racu states that most people consider the memory of infants to be less developed than that of adults. It's a big mistake. In the first two years of life, the child uses his memory to a much greater extent than at other ages. But what he remembers is a conglomeration of elementary lessons of behavior and development - the necessary steps that his body must take to stand up, to smile, to bargain, to walk or talk.

The difference between the memory of an adult and that of a baby does not consist in different storage capacities, but in the type of experiences they store. Before the age of six months, children use what specialists call "pre-explicit memory" and between six months and a year their memory is getting closer and closer to that of the adult. In other words, up to six months, children remember things without thinking about them, and then, as their memory develops, they remember events associated with different emotions.

In children, memory is connected to the learning process. They need to remember in order to learn something new. When he was almost a year old and was trying to take his first steps, Ionut was working next to the hot radiator, he touched it once and he didn't like it, he touched it a second time, then he learned to avoid it. Children use memory to perceive and understand the world.

"As we grow older," says psychologist Virgil Racu, "memory does not change much, but the associations we make between the various memorized events are the ones that change." This means that as we mature, we memorize in a personal way, and the events we remember acquire a certain significance, which the baby cannot do.

All parents know that around the age of one their child clearly remembers different things. However, he will only remember those things that arouse his interest. For example, he can sit with his grandmother every day, watching a series. All he will remember over the years is the name of the playful dog or kitten, but he will have no idea about the characters in that series.

The more time you spend with your child, the more you attract him to games that stimulate his interest, the more he will remember all this. I think, dear reader, that you have already noticed this, especially if you regularly do a certain program with your child (such as, for example, walking in the park). From the age of six months, he will remember familiar places, such as the slide or the swing. After the age of one, he will show his joy and impatience as soon as you enter the alleys of the park, pulling your hand to his favorite places.

As a teenager, he will probably not remember all the details, but if he visits the same park, his soul will be invaded by the same feeling of joy he had at the age of one. Similarly, he will only be able to relive the joy of the moments when you played hide and seek, when you sang for him or read him stories of fairies and beautiful girls in the evening. If someone asks him, in years to come, what his childhood was like, he will certainly answer that it was a happy one.

So, whatever the skeptics say, the extraordinary effort you make in the first years of your little one's life will not be in vain, it will ensure happy memories for the rest of his life! n

What does the little one remember?

  • At birth: remember a maximum of 15 minutes and you are probably the only person he is able to recognize.
  • At two months: he will remember your face during a day. If someone else spends as much time with him, he will be recognized. However, research at the University of Sheffield shows that a two-month-old baby is not able to immediately recognize his mother if she wears a hat. At two months, the baby memorizes and is able to recognize only the contour of the face, unlike an older child who can memorize details such as eyes, mouth, nose.
  • At three months: experiments conducted in the United States show that little ones of this age are able to retain, for a week, details about someone's figure or objects.
  • At six months: the cause-effect memory begins to form. Babies can understand how memory works and use it to perform simple activities, such as hitting a ball or recognizing a figure. Your child will begin to imitate you: if you put your hand to your nose, he will do the same!
  • At twelve months: Amazingly, at this age the child can memorize for up to a year, even if this is not very obvious to those around him. Now he can clearly tell the difference between objects and even between their uses.
  • At eighteen months: your baby has a memory that, more than once, amazes those around him. He often remembers things and people that you have completely forgotten about. However, he only remembers what interests him.

Help him improve his performance

Babies look like dolls that do nothing but sleep and eat. These adorable fetishes do not show anything that is happening in their minds. In reality, however, amazingly complex events occur at every moment in your child's brain. Its genetic structure provides the basis for the further development of intellect and personality. At birth, the human brain is largely "unfinished."

The baby is born with a trillion neuronal cells that send specialized extensions for connections with another 10 to 10,000 neurons. About 100,000 billion connections will be made, the framework being pre-established at birth. But the type of connections is made depending on the child's experience. For example, a child who was born with cataracts (a disease that causes lens opacification), and who did not have surgery in the first years of life, loses his sight, even if the defect is later repaired. And that's because those unused connections (paths) degenerate.

As for memory, it can be improved at any age. For the things you want him to remember, the condition is to be as simple as possible. The best way to achieve this goal is to play. Initiate him in simple, repetitive games that he will love. Here are some ideas:


Being a victim of the flat tax and of the Rodipet company, yesterday I suspended the company's activity, for a period of 3 years (or maybe less, if something changes in our country). About all this and the suspension procedure I wrote HERE. I thought that maybe there is someone else in my situation and to hurry to suspend the activity, otherwise he will have to pay this fee.

Flat fee - Who can escape / "Pay or crack!" / Is there still a presumption of innocence?
Having a small company, with a sole administrator, with almost no profit, I found myself in the situation of not being able to pay the state those tens of millions for the flat fee.
How absurd it is to impose this tax, I don't know if everyone understands. Some acquaintances I met (state employees or retirees), rejoiced in gratitude that some of their peers suffered. "Pay or crack!" - Someone told me, although it had nothing to do with this problem. It is simply a great joy, for some, if the neighbor's goat dies.
The reality is cruel: small companies, from which the man took a higher or lower salary, will be closed, and the number of unemployed, now, during the crisis, will increase even more.
Unfortunately, I also had to give up my activity, which I did more out of passion. I was editing a magazine and I could barely raise the printing money, the profit being almost non-existent. That's why I didn't even lose the money spent on phones and transportation - although I could, but I wanted to close every year with a small profit. Tell me if you've seen a company that doesn't have phone and transportation expenses? It does not exists.
And now, considering that I declared a small profit because, of course, I "steal" (if there are such suspicions, why not control the low-profit companies, to see where the money goes?) And, if I have the company, I am , like the others in my situation, "scammer" (I can't even write this word) - I was punished.
We, these little ones, are the real thieves in Romania.
I'm not saying how many control bodies (to suppress the private initiative) must support all the little ones, who do not escape without fines given for NOTHING.
Therefore, the optimal solution, under the given conditions, I considered to be the suspension of the company for 3 years - for now. Whatever it is, one can see that the crisis can pass, maybe another government and another president will come to power, to correct the aberrations of the current mobsters. And for suspension you have to find money - it costs between 2-300 lei.
I noticed on the net that some lawyers (they will not pay the flat fee) and specialized companies offer their services to suspend companies.

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