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Vodka jelly shots recipe

Vodka jelly shots recipe

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This is a fantastic party jelly. Fruit jelly is spiked with vodka, poured into small shot glasses and allowed to set.

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IngredientsMakes: 20 vodka jelly shots

  • 1 1/3 (135g) boxes fruit flavoured tablet jelly, broken into cubes
  • 475ml boiling water
  • 300ml vodka, chilled
  • 175ml cold water

MethodPrep:5min ›Extra time:1hr chilling › Ready in:1hr5min

  1. In a large bowl, mix boiling water with jelly cubes. Stir until jelly dissolves. Stir in vodka and cold water. Pour mixture into plastic shot glasses and chill in refrigerator for 1 hour or until set.

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Very easy recipe. The shots set well and are yummy. I would recommend using flavoured vodka. Taste comes out better than regular vodka. Also note, the recipe says this makes 20 but when I was using my 35 ml shot glasses, I came out with 40!-28 Jun 2012

What kind of flavour is the best for you ? I would like to try making a rainbow with this-15 Feb 2014

was this supposed to be serves 20 people so 2 shots per person on more like 20 shots? :/-24 Jan 2014

Cherry Vodka Jello Shots Recipe

For adults only! This Cherry Vodka Jello Shot Recipe will give you bright red jello shots, made with a sweet maraschino cherry and lots of cherry flavor! Perfect for your Valentine’s Day party, 4th of July, birthday parties, or any occasion where this boozy treat for adults will be appreciated.

This recipe is intended for adults of legal drinking age only. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. We receive a commission if purchases are made through our links to retailers. Click here to read our full disclosure policy.

Jello Shots are booze-infused jello (gelatin) usually served in small plastic cups. There are so many different ways you can make jello shots — different flavors, colors, and styles. You can even make them with different types of alcohol.

Today we’re sharing this Cherry Vodka Jello Shots recipe. They’re easy to make, have festive red color, and cherry flavor. They even get a long-stemmed maraschino cherry, making them a bit more special.

We think they are perfect for any occasion where the color red is key – holidays like Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, 4th of July, and Christmas. But who needs a holiday to enjoy these? They are just as great for birthdays, game day (bonus points if red is the team color), or anytime you want a boozy treat.

To make this Cherry Vodka Jello Shots recipe, you’ll first place ten 2-ounce plastic cups on a tray or baking sheet. Place a maraschino cherry with stem into each cup and set aside.

Add the cherry JELL-O powder into a medium mixing bowl. Add the boiling water to the JELL-O and whisk until fully dissolved.

Add ice cold cherry vodka to the hot jello mixture and whisk to combine. Add the grenadine syrup (optional) and stir to mix.

Very carefully pour the liquid jello mixture into each cup, filling up close to the top. Place the tray of cups into the refrigerator and chill for at least 4 hours to allow the gelatin to “set”.

In addition to this Cherry Vodka Jello Shots recipe, we also have a Blue Hawaiian Jello Shots Recipe that is perfect for summer parties!

Liven up your summer parties with these Jello shots recipes

Summer is finally here, so you know what that means: It’s time to get crazy and make some unforgettable memories with your friends. Of course, there’s nothing better to get the party started than with some Jello shots. . . but hey, only if you’re of legal drinking age. These drinks are a classic party cocktail that is sure to get the party started with your friends. Without further ado, let’s go through the best jello shots recipes here.

Vodka Jello Shots

First off on our list of all the best jello shot recipes, let’s keep it simple with some standard vodka jello shots. These vodka jello shots are the perfect classic cocktails for a get together with your favorite people. Make sure to make a lot though, as they’ll probably be going fast . One other note is that you should consume these jello shots at least within a week of making them, as the gelatin will eventually go bad if you wait.


  • Gelatin mix
  • Vodka
  • Small cups to store the shots
  • Water
  • Whipped cream


  1. Boil one cup of water on a stove.
  2. In a mixing bowl, pour in a three ounce box of gelatin mix.
  3. Pour your boiling water onto the jello and whisk together until the jello is completely dissolved into the mixture.
  4. Add ½ cup of vodka and ½ cup of cold water into your mixture. Then, continue to mix the bowl until everything is well combined together.
  5. Take the lids off of your two ounce plastic cups and place them onto a baking sheet.
  6. Pour your mixture into the plastic shot cups and then place your products into the fridge for around two hours or until they are set.
  7. Once they are ready to go, put the lids on and you’re good to go! You can feel free to also add some whipped cream on top to make it sweeter and more delicious for those with a sweet tooth. Enjoy!

Blue Hawaiian styled Jello shots

Now that you’ve mastered a classic jello shot, why not try out other remixes of other jello shot recipes? There are plenty of other jello shot recipes that are inspired by classic cocktails, so you can add your own twist to the classic jello shot recipe depending on what kind of taste you and your friends like. To make these next ones, follow the same recipe but just include other ingredients into the concoction.

The first recipe we’re including are jello shots inspired by the Blue Hawaiian cocktail. This fruity, tropical cocktail can be described as a blue piña colada. This is the perfect jello shot recipe to make for the summer, as drinking these will make you feel as if you’re relaxing on some tropical island with no worries in the world. We definitely recommend this one for a fun time.


  • 3 ounce box of blueberry gelation
  • 1 cup of boiling water
  • 3 ounces of coconut rum
  • 2 ounces of blue curaçao
  • 1 ounce of pineapple juice
  • ¼ cup of cold water

Creamsicle inspired jello shot

Our final option on our list of jello shot recipes is a drink inspired from a yummy creamsicle. This cocktail is sweet and yummy, and is sure to taste very similar to a delicious creamsicle popsicle that will definitely hit the spot during the hot summer days. Of course, for this one, you’re definitely going to want to add that whipped cream on top.

Again, you’re just going to want to follow the same original recipe for the classic jello shots. You’re just switching up the ingredients. These are all so simple to make, and will definitely make for the perfect drinks at your next party.


  1. 3 ounces box of orange gelatin
  2. 1 cup of boiling water
  3. 4 ounces of whipped cream or vanilla vodka
  4. 2 ounces of triple sec
  5. ¼ ounce of cold water

Excited to give these jello shots a try? Have some recipes we missed? Drop them in the comments below!

Partner: Frankie Stein Frankie Stein is from Italy, but lives in Ingolstadt, Germany. Her hobbies are: reading about science, doing experiments, and travelling. She's been all around Europe and loves Scotland, London, and Russia. Her boyfriend is called Victor and they both love listening to The Cure, reading Byron, and gazing upon William Blake prints.

Tips & FAQ's:

This is a really simple recipe but if you want to add garnishes, consider:

  • Adding a couple of low carb berries into each shot.
  • Add ¼ tsp of citric acid to make them sour.
  • Garnish with mint leaves or rosemary.
  • Set a lemon twist on top of each shot.
  • Slice 5 small lemons limes lengthwise and scoop out the fruit making sure to get the pith. Fill with jello mixture, chill and slice like a wedge.
  • You can decorate/ garnish with seeds

These will keep in the fridge for 7-10 days.

Take care when drinking alcohol while you are in ketosis. It will affect you differently. Check out this article about it if you want to know what to expect.

That's all for the Keto Jello Shots!

I hope that this recipe brightens your weekend, reminds you of fond memories and makes your life easier.

A Look at Other Vodkas You Can Try

Avoid at All Costs

  • Svedka: I avoid this like the plague. I can always count on Svedka to make me sick and give me a headache in the morning. No other vodka has this affect on me. I once heard the adage, "Never trust liquor that comes in a plastic bottle." This stuff used to come in a plastic bottle, and I think that adage holds true here. I&aposd recommend avoiding this at all costs. It tastes like liquid plastic.

Good Options That Blend Price and Taste

  • Smirnoff: This is a solid alcohol. It burns a bit going down, but it&aposs a great bang for your buck. It does the job, doesn&apost take like rubbing alcohol, and blends pretty seamlessly with most flavors. It&aposs also what I used in this article! Smirnoff also has a ton of flavored options.
  • Vitali: In our taste test, this vodka ranked well ahead of everything but Goose. If you want quality and quantity, this is probably your best option. It blended really well with the gelatin and didn&apost have too much of an alcohol-y kick.
  • New Amsterdam: A slightly classier Smirnoff, in my opinion. They&aposre similarly priced, taste similar, and both do the job well. If one is on sale, go with that one because, like I said, they&aposre really similar.
  • Three Olives: This stuff is pretty tasty, and they have some unique flavors (like Loopy and Tarts). However, it&aposs a bit pricer than Smirnoff. It&aposs a bit smoother than Smirnoff. It&aposs definitely worth a try, but maybe isn&apost the most economical choice for a huge rager. Using the cherry flavor vodka in the shots definitely made the flavor more pronounced.

Great Vodkas if You Have Money to Spend

  • Grey Goose: Grey Goose is delicious. However, you&aposre mostly paying for the import cost here, not necessarily the quality of vodka. That said, it IS a better vodka than Smirnoff, meaning that it&aposs smoother. If you can afford a giant bottle of Goose, those shots will go down real smooth.
  • Absolut: In the same quality tier as Grey Goose, this is a wonderful vodka. However, the extra quality that you&aposre paying for is likely to get lost in the Jell-O. If you find a good sale though, go for it! This vodka won&apost disappoint.
  • Belvedere: While delicious and smooth with only the slightest of burns, the intricate flavors are going to be overwhelmed by the Jell-O. If you can swing it and want some smooooth shots, go for it.

How long do jello shots last?

Want to make these ahead? Well, you’re very lucky with this recipe. Not only does jello last quite a while on its own, but it has vodka in there to act as a preservative as well. You can make these shots 7-10 days ahead of time.

If you plan on making these ahead, find the plastic ounce cups that come equipped with a lid. Leaving the shots in your fridge uncovered can result in an undesirable thicker skin on the top and the jello can also soak up smells from your fridge. Garlic and onion? No thank you!

Vodka Jello Shots Recipe

Jello Shots prove that gelatin is not only for making cakes, puddings, or mousse. Aside from making sweet snacks out of the gelatin, this recipe gives it a twist! They may look cute and colorful, but they are not as harmless as you would think as they are alcohol-infused!

What adult party is complete without alcohol? It is fun to drink occasionally. It is the overall feeling and the enjoyment of having a shared experience with friends that I like.

But getting drunk is not my thing, nor friends&rsquo, so I am sharing this quick recipe for you to try. You will still enjoy having vodka but in the form of jello which we have all loved growing up!

Did you know that gelatin has been used in the culinary world since the 15th century? Its uses and flavors have also evolved. We have grown to love the simple desserts that our moms used to make utilizing this ingredient. It is not surprising that even alcohol-infused ones became a hit!

What are Jello Shots?

They are portions of jello dissolved in water and mixed with liquor. They are usually placed in small glasses to set.

It is said to have been invented in the 1950s in an attempt to sneak in alcohol at an army facility where restrictions are in place. But as early as 1862, there had been a recorded recipe of gelatin being mixed with punch.

Jello shots with Vodka Recipe

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  • The Basic recipe note first: Experiment with flavored vodka along with the jello. Bright color with loads of alcohol and fun to boot!
  • 1 Lrg. box of jello - any flavor you enjoy
  • 1 c. boiling water
  • 3/4 c. vodka - Finlandia is my choice
  • dixie cups - perferably ones with the wax lining so that the shots come out easier.


  • The Basic recipe note first: Experiment with flavored vodka along with the jello. Bright color with loads of alcohol and fun to boot! shopping list
  • 1 Lrg. box of jello - any flavor you enjoy shopping list
  • 1 c. boiling watershopping list
  • 3/4 c. vodka - Finlandia is my choice shopping list
  • dixie cups - perferably ones with the wax lining so that the shots come out easier. shopping list

How to make it

  • OPEN BOX of jello and dump into medium sized bowl.
  • MICROWAVE 1 c. of water for 2 minutes or until it boils and add to the jello powder. Mix until desolved. Allow to cool for about 15 minutes. Add 3/4 c. vodka (I have the vodka chilling in freezer while making the jello) and stir again.
  • FILL DIXIE cups with the jello mixture 3/4 full and refrigerate for about 1 hour. The mixture will gel and they are now ready to slurp. Have fun!
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Gonna do an Irish Flag of them for St. Patrick's Day!

Lime, Lemon (instead of plain gelatin) and Orange!

This is one of the most clear and balanced recipe I have used ever. Only two bars near my house make them this good, and no one I know does.

How to make Orange Jello Shots

These shots hit the flavor make without any kind of garnish, but a little whipped cream and orange on top adds a nice touch. You do want to wait to garnish until right before serving. The whipped cream will start to breakdown with the citric acid.

Can you put fresh oranges in jello?

Heck yes you can! If you prefer, chop up some navel or Mandarin oranges and put a bit in each plastic cup before adding the jello. This is will also yield more shots since the oranges are taking up some of the room in each cup.

Can you get drunk off Jello shots?

Eventually. The truth is while you may get a big alcohol taste, there isn’t really that much in each shot. You’d need about 4 jello shots to equal 1 shot of booze.

Perfect Jello Shots Recipe

Dissolve jello in 1 cup of boiling water. Remove from heat. Add the vodka and liqueur. Pour jello mixture in to your Jellinator and fill your shot cups. Refrigerate until set (approximately 3-4 hours).

*Use only CANNED pineapple, kiwi, guava, or papaya juice, as the bromelain enzyme in the fresh fruit or juice will prevent your jello shots from jelling. And that, my friends, would be tragic.

**If you decide to use just hard liquor without schnapps, then increase amount to 2/3 cup vodka, rum, etc. plus 1/3 cup water or juice for every 3 oz. box of jello (or 1 cup liquid + Knox gelatin). Otherwise, what’s the point? THEY’RE CALLED SHOTS FOR A REASON, NANCY-BOY!

Use this recipe to come up with great recipes on your own! Go on, you can do it. Get out there and make us some bodacious jello shooters! WE HAVE FAITH IN YOU! You know you want to. Your friends want you to. Even Mama likes a little jiggley yum-yum every now and then.

*All Jellinator Jello Shot recipes and photos are Copyright protected

See all recipes based on the Perfect Jello Shots Recipe >

No matter what jello shot recipe you use, you need the Jellinator. Why? Because unless you like it slow and sticky, you need a Jellinator!
And here is the important part: the Jellinator will keep you from spilling and wasting the booze (the secret ingredient, shhhh!).

Now grab your Jellinator by the horns and LET’S JELLINATE!
It’s the ONLY way to make jello shots!

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