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Dobrogean pie

Dobrogean pie

  • 1 pack of pie sheets
  • 400g melted butter to grease the sheets
  • 200g sour cream
  • 5 eggs
  • 3 cans of fagaras cheese with sour cream (x200g) alternative to 500 g telemea or sweet cheese

Servings: 6

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes


"Dress" the tray in melted butter. Once the ingredients and the tray are ready, we start by greasing the sheets with melted butter, 2-3 overlapping sheets, after which we spread nicely on the whole cheese surface, after which we roll the sheets. Place the rolls obtained one by one in the tray, grease them once more with butter, then pour the egg mixture with sour cream on top. We put it in the preheated oven and we look forward to it browning nicely, after which we enjoy this wonderful pie.

Dobrogean pie, authentic, old recipe, with homemade sheets

Who tasted from Dobrogean pie don't forget her forever. The famous one is the one from the Holiday Village from Mamaia, but also the one that used to be made at Select, in Galati, near Modern, if you remember? We stood in huge queues to grab a portion of the pie and enjoy it until the last crumb. & # 128578

And when I was very lucky to practice at Select (during high school), I can't describe how happy I was.

I learned there from Lulu and Ionel (who was also my co-worker for a while) how to make Dobrogean pie, merdenele, puff pastry, pies, various croissants and a bunch of other wonders. & # 128578 Beautiful times!

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Dobrogean pie

E, that super-simple version with a lot of Dobrogean eggs. Purchased sheets (bella), for filling a mixture of sweeter and saltier cheese (here it depends on what you have and what you feel like) with eggs (say two eggs per kilo of cheese, approximately, the composition should appear as in the picture) .

(the arrow indicates in the dill thread jumped from a lot of chopped dill that people don't say it's a fly).

then in the bowl where the cheese was, put eggs and yogurt, if it's too hot and a little milk, healthy, it doesn't matter. and pour maglavais milk-eggs over the rolls of pie and ready.

baking no, depending on the oven, I can't give details here. I put the sheets about 3-4 times on a roll of pie and I greased them a bit because the cheese was a bit weak. it was like this before the oven, because I put onions in her head because I like how she cooks. in the classic Dobrogean it is not necessary.

I like it more baked, you leave it longer.

it's simple if even I get it: D

mmmm pizzaaaa. I don't know how others are, but I always like pizza made by others, pubs, people. at home it seems to have no charm for me, I don't know why :) I think it's from that word: come to a pizza, I mean you have to go out.

# 2 BD

I also shot the sexy ones.

Hot, but that was last night, today he ate cold with yogurt.

I wrote & quotreteta & quot (well, I was embarrassed to write it because it's too simple) so for & quotce we cook today, if you have any questions, here it is.

# 3 Ursuleatza

BDano, and the oven. I put small onions in about 2 rolls, on top only egg (1, yes ?: D), sour cream, yogurt mixed well (incredibly, also in the bowl where I had the cheese mixture, to save the dishwashing :-) ))) Bag pictures in about 1 h.
Mersic de explicatiuni, i love dobrogeana & # 33

P.S. I put 2 sheets on each roll, both greased with some melted beads.
P.S.2. No, I don't want to use butter, I know it's healthier, it doesn't work for people with cholesterol. : D

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# 4 little coffee

# 5 bimbilica

If you are afraid of gaining weight, try to drink 100 ml of cognac before each meal. Cognac, as it is known from old age, alleviates fear.

# 6 Ursuleatza

With a delay due to a full stomach last night and other activities at work today, here it is:

I still have about a quarter today, it was excellent & # 33 Mersic, comic book & # 33

I also put some flax + sesame seeds on top. :-)

Thumbnails attached

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# 7 BD

Super. the truth is that it can't help but come out, it's too simple, that's why I didn't even put the recipe because it's not a great recipe. yes ii flour.

I have lard in the cauldron because I can't bear to throw it away, I want to put some cold in it before and I didn't add it but I greased the sheets with melted lard =)) I said not to be horrified by the purists, what he wants.

# 8 moatza

# 9 GeorgeAndrei

# 10 Luanda

moahahhaha what's here & # 33 B (D) elea what are you & # 33

The lust in which he spread the sheets & # 33 And when I said I was sleeping peacefully.

Look, it's Georgian here too, she wants the Dobrogean cake & # 33 we don't have & # 33 it's closed & # 33

# 11 Patrick968

# 12 BD

I have a cooler version, although it doesn't seem like it at first sight, it's what it takes to taste.

He sold me a byu bridge. Usera, yes?

Determined to do as she said, I went for the pie dough, Eugen didn't have it, so I went back to the puff pastry in the freezer. What I used: cheese (a mixture of cottage cheese, bellows, telemea), eggs, yogurt and dill. In the end, put what you want in the composition, the idea is technical.

No, not my impatient and flawed technique that I'm going to show you, but the one that byu told me.

So I spread the sheet of dough with the polenta dough (as they are spread for flour, I use baking paper, I don't put flour on the table, no oil, nothing). And I dropped the filling there.

I ran and tried to give (if I hadn't tried) a U-shape to the devil. Easy thing, if I had pie dough, that's how I got a donkey. Well I wrapped it in baking sheet to give it a shape. My inexperience has nothing to do with the tip given by the byu who is a craftsman.

After a while I began to look at the indefinite shape, resembling an obese pig's hoof or an antediluvian crab, depending on the imagination. Here I started to do what I was told, I sprinkled the pie with milk. I was sure there was no cheese coming out.

I say leave, I take a picture of the trauma.

Well, the girl was right, although she said that the milk is put at the end and the devil is left covered, I sprayed her from time to time, because she was too naughty. It didn't come out smoky, but the taste is exactly the one I remember, from the seashore, the pie that comes off in the face.

I have to try pie sheets too, although that sounds exactly like the one I remember.

The summary would be like this: make a cheese filling (as you like), fill pie sheets, cram them in the tray and, when it is ready, as much as the work is covered with milk and leave the toy covered in peace. Or in the oven, I say.

How to fill the pie with minced meat and thin sheets

I melted the butter over low heat and left it to cool.

My packet of sheets weighed 400 g and contained 15 thin sheets. I decided to make 5 rolls of 3 sheets each. The thing is simple: I took the first sheet and lightly sprinkled it with melted butter (with a brush), I put on top of the second sheet that I sprinkled with butter and then the third sheet that I did not grease. . It is important that the sheets are oiled together so that they do not stick to the baking and turn into something like a lasagna sheet. Do not put much butter because the meat is fat too!

The sheet on which the filling is placed is NEVER greased because it is useless: the filling has its own fat. I divided the 5 stuffed minced meat filling with onion and put 1/5 of it over these first 3 layered sheets. You can see in the picture that I formed a strip of meat at the edge of the sheets and then I rolled everything tightly.

I chose a round tray 30 cm in diameter that I lightly greased with melted butter. I put the first roll in it, starting from the edge to the center. I continued similarly with the other 4 rolls and I almost filled the tray with them. I was left with a perfect central space for a bowl of yogurt, cheese or cream (which will be cold when served). If you do not have such a tray then place the rolls next to each other in a rectangular tray of approx. 35 x 25 cm.

I set the oven to 180 C with ventilation (heat up + down) and the average stage for gas. With the rest of the melted butter I greased the surface of the pie and sprinkled it with a little cumin (optional but recommended). Cumin, in addition to its great aroma, is a good digestive.

Bake pie with minced meat and hardened onions

I baked this meat pie for 35-40 minutes at 180 C (first stage). In the meantime, I prepared the "puddle" to be poured over the hot pie. I purposely mixed the cream with the raw eggs and a little cold milk. I seasoned with salt and pepper.

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